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    Checking out files creates extra files


      Recently we upgraded 3 of our machines in our department to Windows 7.  Since then all those machines have had this issue.

      When you checkout a file, Dreamweaver CS4 creates a copy of that file and gives it a random 8 character name with no extension( ex. fa9de206) .  It doesn't happen when you just view the files, only if you check them out and it does it with any file type, images or html.


      This problem doesn't happen with any of the other applications with the Adobe Web Premium suite we are using and we are not experiencing this with any other application.  Dreamweaver is the only one that has an FTP client built in and since it only happens when we check out the file I am leaning towards some sort of bug on the FTP side.


      I have seen this bug mentioned in several posts to this forum but they all end up unanswered.  The posts from Adobe are all the same, must be an indexing issue with "Spotlight" then the use either says that isn't it our like our case, they don't use a Mac.  Then the thread dies.


      Anybody else experiencing this?