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    No permission to copy document here please help me

    Suleyman TURAN

      I have adobe digital editions installed and my computer authorized. I recently purchased a sony reader and authorized it thru digita
      l editions. My reader now shows up as a bookshelf in digital editions. I recently bought an ebook and had it download to adobe digit
      al editions. I can view the book fine within digital editions, but when I try to transfer the book to my reader for portability I ge
      t an error saying: No permission to copy document here. I thought by registering the reader thru adobe editions I would have portabi
      lity between adobe digital editions and my ONYX BooX 60 . Is there a step I missed so that my sony reader is authorized. I have the so
      ny reader touch edition ONYX BooX 60

      Browser: ─░nternet Explorer

      Operating System: Windows 7