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    fckeditor custom config

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      I was wondering, in CF8 for cftextarea(richtext) is there a way to have multiple myconfig.js files. Is there a some sort of variable I can use to put in the directive


      FCKConfig.CustomConfigurationsPath = 'myconfig.js' ;


      For instance. My application is running in /myforms/myapp/ and if I make FCKConfig.CustomConfigurationsPath = '/myforms/myapp/myconfig.js' it works but it will force all other instances of fckeditor to the same config file. What I would like is something along the lines of FCKConfig.CustomConfigurationsPath = MyAppPathVariable + 'myconfig.js' so that I can have multiple custom config files for separate instances of the editor.


      This is the concept that I am going after, but obviously this will not work

      FCKConfig.CustomConfigurationsPath = ExpandPath('.') + '/myconfig.js' ;


      Is there a way to do this the way I have shown here, or some other way would suffice as well.