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    Quicktime Slider reset

      Hello there,

      My situation is that I have a video clip four minutes long and a 'slider' sprite that is linked to the video clips progression via a quicktime control slider behaviour that moves along a width of 991 pixels.
      The video is of a song and the slider runs over a graphic sprite 991 pixels wide of lyrics and images that correspond to the song in the video.
      My dilemma is that I want the slider to reset to its 'start position' or to 'zero' on the screen, at certain points within the video which correspond to my graphic/lyric sprite which would change when the slider reaches zero.
      Of course, if the slider just runs its normal width for the full 991 pixels over the course of the four minute video, the lyrics and imagery would have to be ridiculously tiny!!!
      Does anyone know of any specific Lingo code that could help me with this?