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    MX 2004 UNC path to network file question


      Hi, I use an older version 2004MX Dreamweaver.  My web design needs and skills are very basic.  I am trying to create a company intranet site.  This site will not be hosted by a web server nor accessible outside a firewall and will see very low traffic like 1 or 2 accesses a day.  It will be a one pager with links to our frequently accessed files on our network shares.


      I created the index.htm on our network I:\Dashboard\Homepage where I: is \\Server\server\information technology


      I want to link to a file from \\server\quality\APQP SPREADSHEETS\CNC SCHEDULE.xls  But I am having trouble.  Dreamweaver seems unhappy that this file is not within the webroot directory structure.  The following format will work "file:///Q|/APQP SPREADSHEETS/CNC SCHEDULE.xls" but then I have to rely on a drive mapping.  Is there any link format that will work where I can use the true UNC network directory path to a file not in the webroot folder?


      Your help is apprechiated in advance.