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    Encore CS4 not responding on start-up


      I was just working on a series of DVDs for a client (needed multiple DVDs for menu screens for restaurant client) I've burned these before, everything worked great and just as I'm on deadline (always happens this way Adobe and we don't get to bill for asprin fees) I'm needing to burn another copy of a Encore file that was previously made and now Encore is not responding at startup.


      What's the fix???? Is there some key-stroke command that can clear the settings or some DLL file that needs to be removed to get Encore to startup again?


      If I need to rebuild my project that's not a big deal, that will take 10 mins. but to deal with this hanging issue's a pain in the butt you guys!


      Some more info; the hang seems to be at the 'Transcoding' loadup. That's where it just stops starting. It started fine multiple times prior this startup... so I'm thinking of a couple things that was/is different during this last starup; a) I had iTunes open, because my iPhone was on cradle... b) I had closed a previous Encore project and switched to another project file. (while iTunes was open).


      This is the only difference between yesterday and today...I'm thinking there's some DLL or something within the startup string in Encore that's now corrupted. Anyone know what needs to be removed (which DLL I guess) in order to have Encore startup clean again.




      Specs: Win7 Ultimate 64bit

      RAM: 8GB