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    How to change text color in CS4

    Mark57 Level 1

      Hey everyone. I know I'm not fluent in Dreamweaver, but had DW8 before upgrading to CS4 and I'm pretty handy with it. In version 8, if I wanted to change a text color, I simply highlighted the text and picked a color. No worries.


      However in CS4, I seem to be only have that ability in my CSS properties, (not HTML properties). Then when I try to change the color, it gives me a dialogue box asking questions such as "new CSS", "for this page only", etc. and I don't understand what I'm supposed to do.


      Can someone tell me in a user-friendly way (step-by-step), how to simply change a text color on a page? I went to the help topics and it said to use the 'color-picker', but that takes me back to my original problem.


      I'm either doing something terribly wrong, or ADOBE has made a simple task into brain surgery!


      Thanks in advance for assistance!