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    Dynamic link problems


      I've been struggling to get my premiere CS4 to link over to Encore on a consistent basis. I've been trying to isolate a workflow that will consistently work.


      I shoot with 2 video camera and my premiere timeline typically has 2 video channels and 2 audio channels. I find whenever I try to export my timeline to encore with more then 1 audio track or if one of my audio tracks has a segment cut out of it, the export almost always fails to Encore. My workaround to date is to export the audio only using media encoder to a .wav file. I then will delete the audio tracks in premiere and export this timeline to Encore.


      In Encore I then remove the blank audio track and re-import the .wav file I created. This seems to work. Most other times if I don't do this, then the original audio files don't play back in Encore.


      I also get transcoding errors a lot from premiere to Encore. If I reboot my system then things will work out ok every 2nd or 3rd reboot try. I noticed in the task manager that Photoshopserver.exe, Importerprocess.exe, and PProheadserver.exe are running and sometimes I will kill all of those and reboot and then the export from Premiere to Encore will work ok.


      This is becomming a real headache and time consumming venture and considering moving to Final Cut Pro.


      Any help would be appreciated


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you please give details on your system, and also on the Project/Sequence Preset, plus the Assets on the Timeline?


          Good luck,



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            proyadobe Level 1

            Bill, I'm not in front of the computer right now and will get back to you on this information. The assets are usually 4 or 6 AVI files that contain the video and audio, and maybe a couple single frames for graphics created from Photoshop and inserted as JPEG's and a title scroll.


            I'll let you know Bill thanks

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              When you do report back, please go into more detail on the source footage, as AVI is but a wrapper, and can contain all sorts of stuff. This ARTICLE will give you a bit of background, plus tips on how to gather the info.


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                proyadobe Level 1


                I shoot with Panasonic DVX100B onto Mini DV. I then go from MiniDV through another smaller panasonic camera (so I don't use up the DVX100 time) through a Panasonic program called MotionDV to get the data onto the computer. The resulting files are AVI files which I import into the timeline.


                I'll get the system info later


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thanks. If the miniDV tapes were Captured in PrPro over FireWire, they would be DV-AVI Type II's w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV - as good as it gets. Going through the other program might yield something totally different, though with the AVI file extension. Might be DV-AVI Type II though, and if so, should not be an issue.


                  Good luck,



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                    proyadobe Level 1

                    Ran Gspot on one of my AVI's. I use firewire from my panasonic to the computer.


                    Here's the info on the AVI file that I happen to have at work on my external HD from home.


                    Path: blah

                    Size: 12.7 GB (13,032 MB / 13,345,176



                    Note: 7.98GB unneeded bytes at end of file

                    DV Type 2 AVI

                    Multipart OpenDML AVI(5 parts), "rec list" style

                    (108066 frames in first part, 0 frames follow)



                    Codec PCM Audio

                    Info: 48000HZ 1536 kb/s tot (2 chnls)

                    Stat; No Codec Required



                    Codec: dvsd

                    Name: DVC/DV Video

                    Status: Codec(s) are installed ***note this it my computer at work not home, I will check Gspot again at home


                    The rest looks like standard info.

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                      proyadobe Level 1


                      I did a DXDIAG on both my machine at work and at home to compare. The machine at work seems to handle the premiere to encore process more regularily and the machine at home is the one that is giving me a problem. The DXDIAG spewed out a wack of differences, here are the basic ones that I think are affecting the premiere/encore process.


                      Work Machine                                             Home Machine

                      Intel Pentium Dual Processor 3.0GHZ            Intel Core Quad 8200 2.33GHZ

                      Memory 3072MB                                         Memory 3326 MB

                      XP Pro SP3                                                 XP Pro SP3

                      Chip Set: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400                 Chip Set: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000

                      Sound Device: Realtek HD Audio                  Sound Device: Blackmagic Audio

                                                                                        Sound Device: Realtek HD Audio

                      ***Note*** The Blackmagic Audio is the the default sound and voice playback on the home machine

                      ***Note*** The Reaktek HD drivers are different versions on both machine


                      There are a bunch of differences in the System Devices. The home machine has something mostly called PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge, and the work machine has PCI Express.


                      There are a bunch of differences in the DirectX dlls. But most of them are the same bit sizes, but different dates.


                      My versions of software are slightly different:


                      Premiere 4.1.0                                             Premiere 4.2.1

                      Encore                                         Encore

                      Device Central 2.0.0                                     Device Central 2.1.0

                      Media Encoder                              Media Encoder

                      Bridge                                          Bridge


                      Appreciate your help, thanks