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    Flex spark list data exclusions


      Hi Flex's


      Having some trouble dealing with a data collection on list,


      I have a collection that unfortunatly can not be changed when it is assigned as a dataprovider on a list, the data needs to stay the same though I do not want the list to render these items at all.


      I tried to impliment a itemRendererFunction though this only stops the item rendering from my custom renderer though not the native one, I also tried filtering the data by overriding "set data" though this caused issues with my selected index's and such.


      Can I filter in the datagroup?


      any suggestions would be appreciated



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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

               It isn't the job of the itemrenderer or the datagrid to filter data.  That job falls to a presentation/manager type class.  Anyway , you could use a filter , since you say the collection isn't changing.  Better yet , since the collection isn't changing you can use an array and save some resources.

               To solve your problem , google "flex arraycollection filter example".  Filtering arraycollections is one of those things , that is hard to do off the top of the head , but is invaluable nonetheless.


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            monkeymagiic Level 1

            Very true, landed up creating two collections watching each other and acting accordingly (encapsulated in a single class extending EventDispatcher), thanks for this