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    Adobe activation box come up requiring administrataive rights


      I have had ongoing problems with adobe.  I got help from suppport

      uninstalling acrobat standard 7.0 ( 32 bit) which i had installed  on a  64 BIT PC. BUT I conitnue to have these probelms:

      when i download a pdf i cannot open it -- a box comes up from Adobe that says  "Activation requires that you have administartive rigths on this computer.  Please log in as administartor and try agian or contact your system administrator."  I am the only one usinig this PC and I am the administrator. unless it means administrator for acrobat standard 7.0 which i just uninstalled. or does it mean acrobat reader?  anyway on other pdfs that i had downloaded, NONE of the links were clickable in the PDF document. I don't know what to do? Can anyone help me? thank you in advance -  susan