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    DW CS5 bugs seen


      System specs

      Mac pro Early 2009 2.66 mhz 12 gigs ddr3

      Osx 10.6.3


      I don't know if anyone else has seen any of these issues, so i will post them in hopes that there may be a fix.

      Downloaded creative suite cs5 for mac (trial)

      Installed Photoshop/Dreamweaver

      Testing how each work on Osx 10.6.3



      1) can't always upload pages to ftp server (when clicling on file upload arrows Put and get will be grayed out) some times if I save the file before trying to upload the put/get option are available. sometimes I don't need to save the file first as the put/get option are available. And sometimes Imust click inside my page to be uploaded several time, and or save the file several times before I can get the Put/get option. I have even had to sometimes go to force quit to turn DW off and restart it to get DW working again

      2) DW will not always shut down. ( when going to Dreamweaver>Quit Dreamweaver nothing will happen)

      3) Copy paste of text inside of source code

      I have had issues with DW not pasting a peice of code in to the page I am working on correctly. If I was to put

      <hr /><br />
      <p class="datatable"><strong>Want to be a host?</strong></p>
                         I mught see something like

      <hr /><br />
      < ="datatable">< g>Want to be a host?</strong></ >

      This is vauge I know. I should of copied it down, but if it happens again I will add the exact code

      4) when adding text from a docx I will sometime get the microsoft preferences embeded in the source code. so if I try to higliht all the new text from the docx tehn tell DW to reformat the text to one I use as a standard, DW will either only remove some of the original Docs embeding, So therefore I have to go into the code manuualy and remove all the microsoft source doe manually.


      I know this is a bit, but before I decide to upgrade to cs5 I would like to know it works properly.

      Just a side not

      The Ftp bugs in cs4 have seemed to be taken care of( slow ftp transfer/files not being uploaded(even though dw said they were successfully uploaded even after several tries) would have to check each update to make sure ftp worked properly

      Dw seems to work/open much faster.

      Now I do have parallels for mac and haven't setup DW on it yet for testing, but I was hoping not to have to use two os's at once just to do my work.


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since this is a user to user forum, you might also go to Bug Report

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            I am having trouble with FTP connections too. When I installed CS5 suite my keychain assess got all screwed up! Frustration plus!!

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              panamasz Level 1

              I might be able to help you get your ftp access working but i need more information. Have you been able to get your ftp working? YOu say your keychain access got all screwed up? I will need more specific info here to. See my issue is DW is getting ftp access, but is slow to vinsh the finalization of the ftp comand. I wll have to do things such as click save several times, of refresh my ftp to look at the site. Otherwise DW is working.

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                elvi Level 1

                My keychain assess requests will not take my password that I know is correct and I have been in the fix problem for the issue and at first it had a problem and now I go in and it says there is no problem. This was since I installed CS5 suite.


                I worked with someone yesterday for the ftp problem because the site management would not keep the ftp information and I had to reinsert it each time. Well, that part was fixed but I can only drag and drop the files into the remote server and the "put arrow" says there is an error. He closed the case thinking it was going to work.


                Now, with another site I can't get the connection to the FTP even though I checked with the host and found out that I had all the FTP info correct.


                I haven't worked with any of the other sites as yet.


                Thanks! Elvi

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                  panamasz Level 1

                  Hello elvibi

                  Tell me more about your system. Ex. Osx 10.?.?

                  Are you running a firewall other than the osx firewall. I heard 

                  firevault has been causing issues.

                  I'm running a early 2009 mac pro osx 10.6.3

                  Firewall and vault off running a seperate fire wall

                  Intell athelon quad processor

                  12 gigs DDR 3



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                    elvi Level 1

                    Hello Panama,

                    I am running Mac os 10.5.8 with no firewall as far as I know. I'm 

                    wifi. Elvibj

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                      panamasz Level 1

                      So your running leopard. What about the rest. ? Intel or power pc 


                      To see if your firewall is on then go to your apple icon in the upper 

                      left corner

                      Then click on system preferences

                      The click on security it should be an icon that looks like a house

                      Then you can select a tab for either the firewall or firevault

                      See if either is on

                      If so try using dw withem off.



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                        elvi Level 1

                        I'm running 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

                        FileVault and Firewall are not on. Firewall says allow all incoming 



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                          panamasz Level 1

                          Well I have to go for the day but tomorrow if I have free time I do 

                          some looking into any info I can find about what else might be going on.

                          Have you concidered trying to set up a new user and installing dw on 

                          the new user? Also have you concidered stepping up to 10.6. It is only 


                          It is faster than 10.5 an has several upgrades from 10.6.


                          Oh my time is PST what is yours?


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                            elvi Level 1

                            I was considering going to 10.6 so I think I will do that now. Thanks 

                            so much and have a great evening. I MST. Elvi