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    Navigate to URL calls being caught by popup blocker?

    Handycam Level 1

      I have always used navigateToURL to open a link in a new window -- not a javascript pop-up, a blankwindow:


      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(galleryLink), "_blank");


      This always worked as expected, i.e. a new browser window opened with my link. I used this for informational content that was meant to be read without leaving my main application.


      However, recently I noticed that in many browsers, notably IE and Chrome, this is treated as a "popup" and gets trapped by the user's popup blocker.  Annoying!  Plus, even if the user allows popups, the link opens ion a chromeless window, as a popup does.


      What changed this behavior?  Is there anything I can do to achieve the prior behavior?


      FWIW, it seems Firefox and Safari still work as expected.