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    How to Export HUGE Files Faster

      I need to export six movies that are about 769x576-ish in dimension and  at least 1 hour each. 

      These are web captures of text and static graphics with minor frame  designing done in After Effects, hence the export from AE vs. another  program. 

      The client wants these videos by 5pm tomorrow, so I have a little  over 24 hours to complete them. 

      My method

      1. Export in the render queue (Animation codec) so that I have a  master mov copy

      2. Export an FLV from that master mov

      The problem with this is that my first export of a master mov from  AE is estimated to take over 4 hours. That puts me into the evening for  ONE video. 

      Then of course there's a chance for an error (like a memory error).  Not to mention the time it'll take to render the FLV from that huge  file!

      I'm used to these high settings for real videos with shorter  durations. I have never exported an hour-long webcast from After  Effects,and maybe I don't need my normal high settings for this webcast?    

      Any suggestions?

      Work Machine Specs

      Mac OS 10.5.2
      2x3 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
      4GB 800 RAM

      Exporting to a Lacie 1TB drive
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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          As I said on the other forum where you asked this question...


          My recommendation is to have After Effects create the QuickTime movies  and then have Adobe Media Encoder pick the files up automatically for  conversion to FLV, using a watch  folder. That way, you can just start the multi-item render in After  Effects and walk away. (Though you'll want to run a test before you  leave the system chugging overnight.)

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