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    RichText broken between and


      We've been using Flex 4 at our company for a while now because of the improved font handling, and I finally decided it was time to update from the pre-release SDK to the final release. Unfortunately, it seems that whatever changed font embedding for RichText has broken  for our application.


      I have it set up so that at runtime the application loads in new fonts from an external SWF and initializes them. All of the spark Label's throughout the application render using the newly loaded embedded fonts - even where the name doesn't match up to anything on my system. However, the RichText elements do not. I've tried everything to get them to use the embedded fonts and I get absolutely nothing.


      Is there somewhere I should look or some property that was added or removed between the two version that might result in font embedding for RichText elements ceasing to work? Could it have to do with loading in new CSS long after initialization using the style module loading functionality?