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    Zoom Out on Photo

    cookmyster Level 1

      I have to create a website banner intro.


      So what i want to do is that the picture (470x269),,,  so I want to start with a close up on this person face up close and then fade back into the whole picture.


      I have no idea where to begin.

      Any advice??


      Thank you,



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You will need to place this image inside a symbol with the registration marks centered.  Then you need to create a tween to make the image smaller over time.  You can create the tween using the timeline or using actionscript.


          If you are just beginning to use Flash it may be best to start with a timeline approach.  If you have no experience with timeline tweens, try searching Google for "Flash timeline tween tutorial"

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            cookmyster Level 1

            Hi...  I understand how motion tween works...    what i don't understand...  is how to zoom out the photo so I can just see his face...