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    Problem with focus shifting when using JAWS


      I've had a problem pop up in a project I'm working on that only shows up when I start using JAWS to test.


      If I test first without JAWS running, I can tab through the movieclip buttons I have on the stage and use the spacebar to go back and forth pages in this course.  Recently, however, once I turn on JAWS and start to test the course if I start going forward through the pages of the course the selection focus will randomly shift forward or backward in the tab index to different buttons after I have pressed the spacebar to click the forward button.  As soon as I turn off JAWS this problem goes away, and until recently the problem didn't even exist while running JAWS.  In the version where this shows up I have noticed that the tabbing between objects on the stage seems sluggish, and occasionally the browser will even hang for a moment when this happens and I can't do anything.


      Has anyone else run into this problem or know of a way to get around/figure out what's going on?