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    Buggy as all hell


      Greetings.  I am having nothing but headaches from illustrator.  I'm working on a tight deadline, but have spent the last day trying to figure out why illustrator is doing the things it is doing.  Here is a list of what has happened:


      Cannot get the brushes/pencil to display with the correct size, all it will give me is the stupid pencil icon, so i have NO idea of the actual size of the curser on the screen.  This used to work, then just stopped.


      I have a wacom cintiq tablet, to which half the screen will not work with ONLY the pencil tool.  This too used to work, but just stopped.  I know this is not a problem with the tablet, as it works just fine in photoshop, and with the brush tool.


      The secondary top tool bar which used to change dependant on what tool you selected from the left bar no longer does change.  If i click any of the options from the drop down on the secondary bar on the top, all they do is flash then dissapear.


      These problems are making it just about impossible to use this product for what i need, and after the costs i have laid out for it, this is unacceptable.  I worked all last week in photoshop, with the same set up i am using now, and had zero problems, whereas with illustrator i have been using it for the last two days, and have spent half that time trying to figure out why it keeps changing on me.


      I have tried to reinstall, i have tried to reset the preferences, and nothing works.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.