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    Seeing too much in PDF files created in CS3 AI


      Hi - I just got Illustrator CS3,  after happily using CS2 for years.

      I work "sloppy" - elements of  my design hang out over the edges of the artboard,

      and I push  things out to the side in case I need them later.

      This was  never a problem in CS2. When I would save as a PDF to send to a client,

      all they would see was the artboard (defined by page setup).


      In CS3, the  PDF I create shows  the client everything in the document!

      Even if I throw a clipping mask  on it to make the extra stuff disappear,

      the white space is in the  PDF.


      I  found if I create the PDF through the print dialog box

      the cropping works as it should, but I have no options  about

      saving with compression, which means the files can be too  big to email.


      This  is seriously messing with my workflow!!

      Can someone tell me what I  am missing here?


      Thank you.