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    possible to automate the making of links?


      I'm in Dreamweaver CS4. I'm working, in code view, on a several hundred page document that's filled with hundreds of links to *external* websites. Well, *they're not active links yet* -- they're simply http://www text strings that need to be made into functioning links. Is there a way to have Dreamweaver 1) search for all instances of "www" text strings, 2) highlight those strings if necessary, and 3) automatically turn them into active hyperlinks -- so that I don't have to look for each one manually and do that myself, one by one by one by one ...    ??? Please, someone say YES and tell me how !!!! You'll save me many, many hours of work.


      Remember, these are not links that are internal to my website, and they're not active links right now, so the automatic link *update* function doesn't apply to this.