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    Video Quality for RTMFP on Linux


      I'm developing a video chat-like application using RMTFP and Stratus.  So far, I'm having good success.  I can build from source, tweak settings, and get video and audio in both directions.


      There's one glaring problem I haven't been able to solve, however -- when using a client on a Linux machine, the video received by the other end looks very poor.  It's blocky and pixellated, almost as if it's rendering 160x120 in a much larger frame.   When sending from a Mac (my other dev machine), the video looks quite good.


      I've tried modifying all the settings I can think of -- frame rate, "quality", size, audio settings -- with no discernible improvement.  I've tried running it as a local file and from a remote server.  The network where I'm working is extremely fast, so that shouldn't be an issue.


      Is there anything else I can try?  Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks!