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    What is the "Language Reference" difference between AS, Flash, and FLEX?

      I'm fairly new to the world of Flash9 / Flex2 / ActionScript3 development environment.
      As I was reading through tutorial for FLEX/AS, I was introduced to Language Reference for FLEX 2.0.
      At the same time, I noticed in FLASH9 / AS3 there is also Language Reference page. For a moment, I thought these 2 Language Reference shared the same API / Language components.

      As I have found out, when I was looking up Language Reference for "Button" class for FLE2.0, it provided
      - mx.controls.Button

      But for Language Reference for "Button" class for FLASH9 / AS3, it provided different package
      - fl.controls.Butoon

      Why are there 2 sets of packages for the class Button? Shouldn't there just be one package for class Button?