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    CS4: Media Encoder - Black Bars of Doom


      I dont see a forum for the Adobe Media Encoder so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this.


      I have the CS4: Design Premium. Everything is updated so the encoder is at verson


      Now when I have some video dont for NTSC TV 720x480 (left) and I rendered (right) it using the same as source preset (9.0 or higher) and I get this big black bar on the right side of my video. I've played with the settings and resizing the video and I always get these black bars, usualy on the right and bottom of my video.


      secreenshot of the .mov next to the .f4v: http://oniring.com/ame.png


      This is really not ok. I can go back to using CS3 to render my videos but they dont look as good, but I dont get a big black bar on them either.


      I cant seem to find any solutions with this when I do a google search.


      How do I get rid of these black bars?