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    Component Domain Licensing Options

    jfillman Level 1

      I've seen several commercial Flex components that sell per domain licenses, and I am interested in what these various developers/companies have done to manage this? I'm looking to do the same, but short of compiling a unique SWC for each domain or using NitroLM, how else can I accomplish this?

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          I was unaware of any companies, oher than Flextras, that use this  approach for components.


          Conceptually the algorithm is like this:


          If (Serial Number  != "Appropriate Use") {

             do something to invalidate use


            you're okay



          The serial number contains some encrypted information that lets you figure out what the appropriate use should be.  In our case, 'appropriate use' is the component and domain.  The 'invalidated use' is displaying a watermark.


          The key thing to remember is that this is, in essence, creating some form of DRM which users often hate and it is not going to stop the software priates.  I actually had someone contact me to let me know that he had hacked away our watermark, but he felt bad about it and asked if I'd give him the component for free for being honest.


          We wrote our own code to handle this.  I actually, think you have e-mailed me personally while I was at Flash and the City.  I'll get back to you later this week when my brain starts working again.  I you're really interested, I may be willing to license the code to you.


          If it wasn't you contacted me feel free to do so http://www.flextras.com/?event=ContactForm

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            jfillman Level 1

            I've seen a few others, it's certainly not prevalent. The following site has different license types, and maybe it's just on the honor system... http://www.stimulsoft.com/ReportsFxFlex.aspx. (BTW, this is going to be an awsome product if/when they get to an official, non-beta release).


            I believe that the ILOG Elixir components also have some sort of registration/usage limitations.


            I was thinking along the lines of a module that I would generate and the component would load and inspect for the serial, domain, etc.