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    STUDIO MX 2004 - trying to update


      had to get a new computer. Suite installed wonderfully (win7). But when I went to webwsite to find updates (which I lost on old computer) there is a updater program for dreamweaver studio mx 2004. When I run the thing, it craps out saying it cant install to a directory because the DREAMWEAVER MX FILE is not there. What?!?

      First of all, the exe IS there. I even tried going up a level, etc. same message.  Secondly, the instaler CHOSE the default location properly. Thirdly, why would you even OFFER a browse option if the installer is going to TELL YOU where to install something?

      Any  comments? I had planned on updating the other pgms in the suite too but geez, cant even get thru one!?! sorry for bad typos - need batteries for keyboard.