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    Flex resize component jitter

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      TL;DR Component jitters when being dragged to accomodate a smaller size.

      Hello Everyone ,

        I have a custom component that allows the user to resize it by grabbing the corners and edges.  However , when the user grabs the left or top handles and decreases the width/height , the component starts to jitter.  Specifically the right and bottom side.  Is there anyway to stop this , I have played around with invalidating the displaylist of the component AND stage , but to no avail.

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          I figured it out.  When working with the event-handlers , don't set the properties there.  Store the present component dimensions and change them as needed.  Then in one function , such as resizeFunction(x:int , y:int , width:int , height:int ):void do your invalidation and resizing and placement.