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    Buttons inside ItemRenderers


      Hi all,


      Working on my first Flex app and ran into a small problem:


      I have a custom item renderer which I have buttons inside (actually Labels with click events). These are working fine but the problem happens when I want to add another click eventlistener to the whole item renderer itself, so when users click on the item it does something and when users click on the buttons (Labels) inside the item renderer it does something else. What I dont want happening is the item renderer event to trigger when I click on the Labels inside. Currently when I click on the Labels inside I get both events triggering (the click event on the Label, and the other on the item renderer) which makes sense, but I dont want want the item renderer click event to trigger when I click on the Labels, yet a click anywhere else on the item renderer will trigger the item renderer click event.


      How can I solve this problem?


      Appreciate your help on this..