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    Fireworks CS5 Privileges

    gregmccarthy Level 1

      I am trying to open Fireworks CS5 and I a getting the following error message.


      "Your user privileges do not allow Fireworks to update your registry. Launch and Edit with Dreamweaver will not work properly unitl Fireworks is launched while using Administrative privileges."


      The eventually Fireworks opens after I have clicked on "OK" in the error dialogue box. It takes about a dozen clicks on "OK" before it opens though.


      Any help how to fix would be greatly appreciated.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          You haven't mentioned which OS you are using, so I'll assume a recent version of Windows. Try right-clicking on the Fireworks.exe icon, then select 'Properties', select 'Compatibility' and then under the section 'Privilege Level', put a tick in the box 'Run this program as administrator'.

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            gregmccarthy Level 1

            Yes it is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on my desktop PC.


            I have done what you suggested but now every time I open Fireworks I get the same Windows User Account Control message as follows:


            "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer" - Program name Fireworks. When I say yes the program opens OK.


            This happens everytime I try to open Fireworks.


            Also when I try to open Fireworks from within Dreamweaver it is unable to be launched and tells me an error has occured.


            Interestingly I also have Fireworks/Dreamweaver installed on my laptop with Windows XP pro 32 bit system and all works fine so far.

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this  computer" - Program name Fireworks. When I say yes the program opens OK."


              I get the same. That happens with numerous programs on my machine. It's just a Windows 7 thing. You can turn it off by clicking on "Change when these notifications appeat" and following the instructions, but it's not reccomended. If everything works for you on Win XP SP2, then try setting compatibility mode on your Win 7 machine to Win XP mode.

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                gregmccarthy Level 1

                Problem Fixed!

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                  brooksrv Level 2

                  I have recieved your original error everytime I installed Fireworks (MX, CS3, CS4). By default, I never had Admin privaliges on my PC, so I had the administrator log on and launch Fireworks. The program worked without the error for me from that point until the next major version was installed.

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                    I just got my brand new Fireworks CS5 cd in the mail yesterday and I cannot it to load at all. I get a laundry list of error messages (note 7). I spent over an hour on the phone with Adobe tech and nothing resulted from that except now I'm waiting for a call back from someone higher up the chain. Very frustrated right now. I'm hoping my new Photoshop, which I expect in the mail soon, will not cause the same problems. Dreamweaver CS4 set up perfectly when I purchased it last year. What's wrong with Fireworks?


                    Toshiba AMD Turion X2 - 64 - Vista Home Premium 2 Gig ram, 175 Gig HD.

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                      gregmccarthy Level 1

                      Yeah that has been my problem as well once launched the first time from the administrator it works fine after that and also now launches from Dreamweaver as well.


                      I always seem to have these problems. Wonder how many other people do as well and why it can't be resolved out of the box.

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                        Bjorn Productions

                        Found the answer....


                        I to was frustrated when FireworksCS5 has a hang up- same thing happened when I upgraded from CS3 to CS4


                        Follow these simple steps and your problem will be fixed.


                        1. Press the START button.

                        2. In the "Start Search" type RUN.

                        3. Within RUN type regedit

                        4. Within regedit select HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

                        5. Within HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT select Applications

                        6. Select shell, then open, then command.

                        7. A default file will be on the right side of the screen- double click on it and ensure that the path is correct.


                        Mine was:


                        "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS4\Fireworks.exe" "%1"


                        I changed to:


                        "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS5\Fireworks.exe" "%1"


                        You will now be able to make Fireworks CS5 your default program.