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    Flash Catalyst Full screen Video


      I've inserted a video in Flash Catalyst and exported the video, it's in 4.3 aspect ratio.  The video plays fine in explorer but when I hit the full screen button(the screens is widescreen) I get white Bars on the side of the screen to keep it in 4.3 aspect. My question is, Is it possible to change the color from white to black?

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi chopperreed,


          The white background is the appearance set by the video player's wireframe-style "skin."  You can get a black background by switching to the "standard" skin: select the video player, and look in the Properties panel for a dropdown labeled "Video controls."  Just change the value from Wireframe to Standard and you'll be all set.


          If you really want to keep the wireframe appearance, you can't change the background color but you can avoid having it visible by changing the "Scale mode" dropdown to Stretch (doesn't preserve aspect ratio) or Zoom (preserves aspect ratio, but does so by cropping rather than letterboxing).


          Hope that helps!


          - Peter

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            chopperreed81 Level 1

            Thanks Pete great help