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    Windows 7 and Organizer


      When I open PSE 7 in Windows 7, it opens to the Welcome to Photoshop Elements window with the option to activate the Organizer, Edit, Create and Share.  When I select the organizer it opens the window showing the the files loading but then it closes and puts the PSE icon in the taskbar.  If I click the icon it shows the small window with the organizer but it won't open the full screen organizer.  Here the kicker, it doesn't do this all the time.  Some times the organizer opens to the full window and works as it should.  Any ideas?????

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This question might be better posted to the Photoshop Elements forum, of course.


          But my guess would be that the program is still trying to build your Organizer catalog. This can take a while the first time you open the Organizer.


          There may be other issues -- but it's hard to say without knowing more about your computer, how many media files are on it and if you have a previous version of the software installed on it.

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            Jim.GA Level 1

            Thanks Steve,

            I moved the question over to the PSE forum.  Thought I was there before but somehow ended up in the Premiere forum.