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    Upper or Lower Field First

    pebalsamo Level 2

      OK, I posted a question earlier today about using a MPEG 2 file that was recorded with my NewTek Tricaster.  I had to run back into my office to do some stuff before my job tomorrow so I thought I would just take a quick look at it.  Long story short this MPEG 2 file looks fine in Premiere but looks like trash when exported to DVD.  It was suggested to me in my previous post by someone else that uses a Tricaster to export a AVI file from Premiere and then use another program to create the DVD MPEG 2 file.  I just looked at the sequence setting for this MPEG 2 file.  I had to use the Desktop selection to create a timeline that did not give me a red or yellow line over my footage.  The sequence setting are 29.97 fps, 720x480, PAR D1/DV NTSC (0.9091), Upper Field FIrst (In Premiere if I go to "Interpret Footage" it shows the clip as UFF).  So when I export my AVI file and/or MPEG 2 DVD file both of those should be UFF too correct?  I am guessing that is why my previous DVD's were looking so bad, because when I was exporting them from AME I was probably leaving the default of LFF. 


      Thanks for any and all help.