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    New item sequences etc

    ruzun Level 1

      Coming from Premiere Elements I am a bit unclear on the concept or philosophy behind sequences.  If I drag a clip into the new item area, I can create a new sequence.  It appears as a tab in my timeline area.


      Normally in a project I am used to just having a single timeline sequence.  What are the advantages of the multiple timeline sequences?  Is there some way to make them proceed sequentially end to end in my export?  Just dragging one sequence into the timeline of another seems to defeat the purpose of them being separate.


      Do people normally create multiple timeline sequences in a single project, then somehow get them to export in the correct order into the final output file?


      -Roger Uzun

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          Multiple sequences are typically used for nesting.


          Perhaps your project has a Opening, Middle, and Ending.  You can make a sequence for each.  Then perhaps mak a 4th sequence called "Final" where you can assemble the 3 sequences for the final project.   Consider you do projects where the opening and ending stay the same but only the middle changes.  This makes Pr Pro very flexible.


          Nesting sequences can be a very powerful and flexable feature.