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    DW correct setup for Remote / Testing (MySql Problem)

    Lima easy

      I am using DW4 with WAMP and the local testing works fine. I can access all my local databases (.php pages). I would like to use for the testing the "real" data from my databases on the server but have problems with the configuration of the HTTP address / url prefix for local & remote.


      Current configuration:


      Testing Server: Folder pointing to folder containg the site, url prefix set to http://localhost/


      Local Info: HTTP address set to http://www.mysite.com/


      With this configuration I can test my pages locally and access the data from the databases stored locally (MySql server = localhost). Whenever I try to connect to my data on the server (MySql = mysql.mysite.com) I am getting a MySQL Error#: 2000...

      The MySql server, user name, password are correct and I have set the correct permissions to allow the remote access with my provider (allowing my current IP). Just for fun I have set the Testing server also to http://www.mysite.com/and voila I can see all my databases on the server and select the tables, but this setting doesn´t make any sense. According to my provider (Dreamhost) the settings to access the databases are OK.


      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? (Or being stupid..)