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    switched from golive to dreamweaver and table sizes are locked



      I built my site in go live and now I have switched to Dreamweaver.  Things were going well until I tried to change the height of my text boxes. I have spent  all day trying to change the height because the text I write (which is in a table of its own) is extending  past the table that it is imbedded in.

      In Go live I would either drag it bigger of type in a larger cell or table hight but this is not working in Dreamweaver

      I have tried lengthening it by hovering over the end and getting a double arrow icon and then dragging it larger but nothing happens. I have tried going in and changing the table and or cell to a higher pixel amount and nothing happens.

      I have created a new blank page and made some tables imbedded in tables and for the most part can get the tables to change size..so I know I am doing it right.....

      Is there some bug or bad code that is a carry over from go live?

      does any one know how to fix

      as I want to avoid having to redo my pages all over again from scratch