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    How do I, or can I, do a rollover with, or between, three div tags?


      Dear Dreamweaver forum:


      I am currently using Dreamweaver CS3 on my MacBook Pro.

      I am new to Dreamweaver and have been studying tutorials on Lynda.com at the "essential" level.

      The series of Dreamweaver CS3 videos I have been following on Lynda.com are done by Garrick Chow.

      However, what I still do not know how to do is link a shape to both an image and to text.

      The shape, the image, and the text are all contained within their own div tags.

      Why did I go so "div tag crazy"? It's because I went with what I can understand so far.

      The concept of movable div tags, for me, was both one of the easiest concepts to understand and one of

      the easiest things to create so far in my studies of Dreamweaver CS3.


      Anyway, I think the image below pretty much spells out what I'm looking for

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!