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    Expandable text overriding the fotter and a blank page is inserted

    PoojaGupta02 Level 1



      I have a adobe form with the hierarchy as Master pager(with the header and  footer having the page number), and a content page.


      Content page has

           Page1(flowwed,allow page break witht the content,pagination property as place:Followinf the previous and After as Continue filling the parent)

               previous comment subform(positioned,auto fit)

                    ISR multline edit comment with expand to fit property)

               New comment subform(positioned)

                     ISR multline edit commen


      When I preview the form and insert a text in the previous comment , if the connent need to flow till the sec page , form is working absolutely fine, but if the content is more that 2 page then the  previous comments expanded on the page one that it overrided the footer, a third page will insert but blank with the header and the fotter. Remaining content get dissapear.


      I knw there must be small setting to be done but where I dont know.


      Please suggest something.