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    Active Directory and ColdFusion

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      We use Active Directory and I want to setup a simple form where a user could create an account in AD.  The user would enter first name, last name, and create a password via a simple form.


      The problem I'm having specifically is we have a password policy setup via Active Directory/Windows so I'd like to somehow alert the user if the password they've entered doesn't meet the password policy defined in Active Directory.


      Any help appreciated on how to achieve this.



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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          Step 1 - describe the policy on your form page to increase the liklihood of the user doing it correctly.

          Step 2 - on your action page, test the password to ensure it meets the criteria.  If it does, proceed, otherwise alert user.

          Optional extra - test the password using javascript on your form page.


          If you need more specific answers, ask more specific questions.