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    combobox inside datagrid




      I am trying to find the solution for this problem:


      I need a combox inside a datagrid. each row of the datagrid displays a single book.

      in the combobox of each row I need the possible values like colors for book cover.


      dataprovider for the grid is from database.


      foreach row I need to make a new request to ask for possible colors of this book cover.


      how to make this work???


      I tried with :


      combobox dataProvider="{fct_get_colors()}"


      but how to pass the value of the book id to my function? and I always get the error that the function can not be found even when it's there...? I am really lost with such a very simple task for someone who has a little bit more brain then me....


      thanks very much for any ideas!

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          svi_beijing Level 1

          just to explain my problem better see picture please


          the values of the comboboxes depend on the value of the first column EQ ID


          foreach combobox there is a

          request like this http request get_values.php?EQ_ID=300 to get the combobox filled. but how to pass the value of the first column to my combobox component?


          Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-19 um 16.41.15.png

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            I've just done the same thing in my application. These eaxmples helped me.










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              svi_beijing Level 1

              thanks for your reply!

              to be honest: I don't get it.

              when I call Alert.show(super.data) in my combobox component I get an output like this: which is ok, but I am not able to do:


              super.data.getChildAt or something like (super.data.data_set) this to parse super.data


              any hints?




              <project_name>Great Wall</project_name>








              <modified>2010-05-19 12:21:44</modified>

              <name>Sony HDCAM Camcorder HDW F900/3</name>




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                svi_beijing Level 1

                I have got a problem with my combobox inside my datagrid because I want the dataprovider of the combobox to be created each time new. I am doing this at the moment with creationcomplete="generate_dataprovider()". BUT: please first see my screenshot:


                Bildschirmfoto 2010-05-24 um 19.21.53.png


                In this case above: click first datagrid on the top results in for example 2 rows and 2 comboboxes in the grid below.


                next click in datagrid above should again result in calling creationcomplete BUT THEY HAVE already been created and HOW TO CALL THIS FUNCTION again? how ?!?! each time a row is displayed in second datagrid below the dataprovider for my imtemrenderer combobox has to be called. how to do it? please let me know! thanks in advance!!!!!

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                  Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                  CreationComplete only fires once.  The data setter and dataChange events

                  will fire more often.

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