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    pivot/reference point of graphic?


      Hi all,


      I tried to search first but it said I had no sufficient rights to search..

      For my question:

      In flash you have a pivot/reference point of a graphic, ie a little dot that controls how a tween reacts to the graphic, now I can see the same thing as a square in catalyst but i'm unable to move it (only the rotation point)


      The thing is, without the ability to move the pivot I can't control my animations.. So if anyone could tell me how to move it I would be very greatfull.


      Thanks a ton in advance!


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          Kim Isola Adobe Employee

          Hi Jason,


          With the transform/rotate tool selected, you can change an object's pivot point by placing your cursor over the center (default) point; the cursor changes to a "+", and then you can click and drag the pivot point to where you want. Is that what you're looking for?




          Where are you searching from that's giving you the insufficient rights message?


          Thanks for posting!


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            spiritonline123 Level 1

            Hi, thanks for your reply its great to see the staff active in these forums.


            Unfortunatly it's only partly what I mean. By changing the pivot like that it ony effects the rotation of the object, in my case I'm want to move a graphic and resize it after it arrived on it's destination. What flash catalyst then does is resize its top and bottom while I only want to resize the bottom (shrink it.)


            What I could see is that ther is a blue square in the center of my graphic so logicly when it's resized it resizes from that point creating the unwanted effect. If I could change this point to the center top it would resize correctly, so the question is how to do that?


            (Edit: yes it had to do with the rights, altough I was logged in. I was using the opera browser)


            I created a simple pic to show what I mean:


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              Kim Isola Adobe Employee

              Hi Jason,


              Could you attach the FXP file you're working with? I am thinking it may be possible to accomplish what you're trying to do by using the direct selection tool and editing the shape, versus resizing it. But I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding (or vastly oversimplifying!) what you're trying to accomplish.




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                spiritonline123 Level 1

                Hi Kim,


                my animation really isn't anymore complicated then the demo pic included earlier so don't worry about that. I've created you a new fxp since I have a temporary fix in my current project
                (I just left out the resizing animation that way it will resize but without animating, ie just jumping from a larger to a shorter graphic)


                The new fxp does exactly the same as my problem though.

                Here's a link to the fxp: http://www.mediafire.com/?gmgqjodzgoh


                Thanks for your time and help.


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                  Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                  Hi Jason,


                  You cannot set the transform point for objects in Catalyst 1.0.


                  There are two ways to get the effect you're looking for.


                  The first and most direct way is to customize the transition, so that you move horizontally, and then move vertically to adjust for the resize.


                  The second way, and perhaps more flexible, is to convert the item you want to resize into a custom component, and have it have a "large" and "small" size. You can tweak the resize transitions between the custom component's states. Your transition for this would be a move followed by a set component state.


                  I mocked this up in a 1 second transition here, with the custom component approach first, and the custom graphic transition below.