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    Project Takes FOREVER to Open and Close

    Freespirit-ST Level 1
      We have a large RoboHTML project that outputs to a WebHelp system. The version of RoboHelp is X 5, possibly a version after that, I think - but dated 2004. Two of us share this project, but we don't use Version Control. The size of the project is about 45 MB, and includes several subfolders of topic HTMs. My coworker has the same issues, possibly a bit faster than what I have, but still excessive Open and Close Project times.

      It takes an extremely long time to open, like about 10 minutes or more. When I select to Close Project, the CPU Usage shown in Task Manager is up to 100 % and stays there, so the closing process is maxed out and frozen, and obviously isn't happy. Even when I close other applications, the project can take over 30 minutes to close - no error messages, just hourglassing. While I'm using the project, it doesn't max out. There have been times when, as much as I hated to do it, I had to do an End Task with Task Manager because the project wasn't closing (and I had to leave).

      Also, note that the CPD file of this project is over 4 MB. I just was reading about deleting the CPD file, so I plan on doing that.

      I'm not sure of any more details I can provide. While I'm working on the project, there are usually no freezes or response time problems. Just the extremely long Open Project time - and even longer Close Project time.

      I would so appreciate any solutions or ideas. Thanks!!!