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    Xampp and Dream Weaver: strange page name appears in browser

    BITESBITER Level 1

      Hi, Xampp works fine with Dream Weaver but, the URL that appears in the browser is different from the name in the root folder and that same name is added to my Dream Weaver files of the site in Dream Weaver.


      The original file name is: index.php located in c.\xampp\htdocs\buitenserver the URLprefix=:http://localhost/buitenserver.


      The name that appears in the browser and next to my original file index.php when I go to the browser in Dream Weaver=

      http://localhost/buitenser/TMP3x7w2mw29.php. Looks like some kind of temporary file that is automatically generated.


      So I can see my web site on the local host, but the URL is wrong.


      I did try the Apache Friends Support Forum but got no reply.


      Please some help.