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    Flex Audio files Splite & Merge


      Hi Friends,


      I want to make a flash application in which I will load 3-4 different mp3 files of different instrumental music. After loading it I want play all files.


      Further I want to save or create a merged mp3, from all mp3s sound files in a single mp3 file.


      Please let me know using byteArray can do this?


      Kindly suggest me…


      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1619773/how-to-play-mp3-sound-from-buffer-bytearray-str eam-in-actionscript-3




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          If you want to play individual files simultaneously, just create Sound and URLRequest instances for each mp3 and then put all corresponding SoundChannel objects in one function.

          Something like that:


          var snd1:Sound = new Sound();

          var snd2:Sound = new Sound();


          var req1:URLRequest = new URLRequest("yourFile.mp3");

          var req2:URLRequest = new URLRequest("yourFile.mp3");


          chn1:SoundChannel = new SoundChannel();

          chn2:SoundChannel = new SoundChannel();







          function playBoth():void


          chn1 = snd1.play();

          chn2 = snd2.play();


          You can adjust the synchrony by entering the start time in milliseconds in 'play()' function.




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            peruamal Level 1

            Hi Mate


            Thanks for your reponse.


            Do you idea about how to save this two file "sample.mp3" in destop