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    adobe mercury playback engine question

    Themis_37 Level 1

      Hi all. Firts of all, sorry for the forum nickname, the registration process drove me crazy with the unavailable names... :-)


      I own a post production studio and one of my  workstations is a quad core (9400 Intel cpu) equipped with 4GBs of DDR3  RAM at 1333 MHz. Recently I read about the Adobe Mercury Playback  Engine.I usually work with 720p and 1080i HDV material and often with  1920x1080 at 35 Mbps and also AVC-Intra 100 (100 Mbps). If I install the  Adobe Production Premium suite on the above workstation (under Windows 7  64bit), raise my RAM amount to 8 GBs and also install an Nvidia Quadro  FX 3800 graphics card, how much will my workstation benefit from these  changes? For example, how many video tracks with applied  picture-in-picture effects will I be able to play realtime? Or is the  above graphics card only beneficial when installed in an 8-core Xeon  system?


      Thanks a lot in advance


      Themis Gyparis

      Athens, Greece

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The Q9400 is not very fast. A certified nVidia card will help with PIP and other supported effects, but the CPU will still be a bottleneck.


          If you run the PPBM4 Benchmark test and submit the results to Bill, and possibly to me by PM, you will have in idea of the speed of your own system in comparison to others. With CS4 I expect your system to come up with a score around 110 - 130 seconds, which is more than 3 times slower than the top performing CS4 scores.


          Whether the FX3800 would be the best video card for you is not really clear. The new Quadro line based on the Fermi architecture is expected to be announced in june.


          Your luck is that HDV, XDCAM-EX and AVC-Intra are formats that are pretty easy on your system.

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            Themis_37 Level 1

            Thanks a lot, I will do the test. so if I get it right, what you're saying is that it's a CPU-graphics card combination. I'm guessing with an I7 Extreme Edition (980x) and, say, 8 or 12 GBs of RAM things will be much better, right? I was considering an 8-core Mac Pro but I'd like to have a second, more affordable option...



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              In that case an i7-930 is far more affordable, but of course not as fast as the i7-980X, but with proper tuning and some overclocking, the performance is nearly equal, only the price is significantly different.

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                Themis_37 Level 1

                I see... So would you recommend I7 980 even for RED material or would an 8-core Xeon be prefered? Do you think in these two cases a Quadro FX 3800 be of more use?

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                  Themis_37 Level 1

                  Below are the results of the test.... (sorry, I couldn't find a way to attach a file)


                  HappyTrimmer,   Personal or Computer ID
                  ASUS P5K64WS,  Computer Manufacturer
                  P5K64 WS,   Computer Model
                  1407.1,  secs Total Benchmark Time
                  11.1,  secs AVI  Encoding Time
                  58,  secs MPEG Elapsed Time
                  1338,  secs Rendering Time
                  Intel,    CPU Manufacturer
                  Quad Core 9400,    CPU Model
                  2500 MHz (7.5 x 333),    GHz CPU speed
                  unknown,    Number of CPU chips
                  4,    Total Number of Cores
                  4 GBs,    GB RAM
                  CS4 (4.2),    APP Version PPBM4 DV
                  WinXP Pro,    OSVersion
                  SATA,    OS Disk Interface
                  250,    GB OS Disk Capacity
                  7200,    OS Disk Speed
                  SATA,    Project Disk Interface
                  750,    GB Project Disk Capacity
                  7200,    Project Disk Speed
                  SATA,    Preview Disk Interface
                  750,    GB Preview Disk Capacity
                  7200,    Preview Disk Speed
                  SATA,    Output Disk Interface
                  750,    GB Output Disk Capacity
                  7200,    Output Disk Speed
                  NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512,    Graphics Board
                  no,    Comment

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    This is way off. I suggest you go to the PPBM folder, open the Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files folder and then open Benchmark.PRV folder.

                    Press CTRL-A and then SHIFT-DEL to delete all preview files. Next open PR and the Benchmark project. Select skip all previews and then render the timeline again. Close PR and run Statistics.vbs again. Only answer the first two questions about location and for all the rest just press Enter.


                    It you now open Output.txt again, you will likely see a render time of around 35 seconds and a total time around 104 seconds. Report these here if you please.