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      When i click Flash CS5 it tells me that file is missing and to reinstall.

      I do not wish to reinstall as I would have to reinstall the whole CS5 which would take forever.

      Can someone please help me? Maybe step by step instructions? A download link to the file?

      Will be much appreciated.



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          I'm having the same problem and Flash is really the main program I am interested in.  This has been a problem with every edition of CS according to web searches I did to try to fix the error.  How can they expect someone to pay $700 for software if they can't ever get the install to work correctly?

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            Lomeli1112 Level 1

            This is a common problem that I ran into myself. It was already answered for CS4, but I works for CS5 to.


            The flashresources.dll in the directory C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\en\configuration. Flash, however is in a folder called C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\fjskfsdjfksdajfksadfsadffsadf\Adobe\installer\Adobe Flash CS5\. All you have to do is copy the en folder to C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\fjskfsdjfksdajfksadfsadffsadf\Adobe\installer\Adobe Flash CS5, and Flash should run again.


            Another quick fix is to run the installer again as admin, but I haven't tested this so I can't promise you it will work.


            The full explanation can be found here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2174606#2174606

            Again, it talks about CS4, but it should work for CS5.


            Hope this helps!

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              larka-x@yahoo.com Level 1

              I've looked through my Flash Common files and I didn't see a weird file called fjskfsdjfksdajfksadfsadffsadf or anything like that.  The only differece could be that I'm using a iMac 10.10.3 while everyone here has Windows.  Anything for iMac?