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    Properties Window not functional (DW 8 MAC)

    WBPhotographer Level 1

      I am sure that this is something that I did wrong somewhere, but I can't figure out for the life of me what it is :)

      As of last Friday, the Properties window below my Design window does not show the properties of the item that is selected (independent of tag); it also does not allow me to input data, such as a URL. I have not installed or deleted any new software over the past couple of weeks and did not make any changes to the website from other tools either.

      At this point, this has me reduced to coding up straight HTML to maintain my site, which is less than optimal.

      I have also tried this under DW CS3 and get the same results. I have also gone through the general troubleshooting steps, including renaming the Site Prefs file and creating a new Admin user and trying it from that account.

      Any suggestions are welcome.


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          Same probleme here using CS3. But some more trouble:
          Since about 5 days, i'm not able to use the upload function directly after opening a file, the button is grey. I have to switch to the code view and back to the design view in order to be able to upload the file.

          Some other strange things:
          - Changes in an opened CSS file are not displayed in an html file opend. Even pressing the F5 key doesn't change the design-view. I have to close and to reopen the file in order the see the changes.

          - Working with tables is not possible using the design-view: Changes I make using the "properties-bar" don't change the source code of my file.

          - there are a lot of other things which make problems at the moment. I'm not sure how to solve these problems - perhaps I need to re-install the application.
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            My properties box is empty with nothing but a blank box. Am I missing something?
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              WBPhotographer Level 1

              I finally resolved this issue by moving to another MAC; even after performing all the possible clean up tasks with permissions that may be off, etc. the problem did not go away. I am planning to re-install my MAC from scratch in a couple of weeks to clean up any and all issues.

              If you find any other solution, I would like to hear about it.