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    Seriously NEED HELP!

    pplschmp2 Level 1

      I have this website:


      username: partners

      password: bealestreet


      On the Q&A and Defintions tab, there is a section called Q&As, where I have 66 spry collapsible panels on a page. The definitions page has collapsible panels as well. For some unknown reason on the Q&A page, I get the following error in Dreamweaver CS4 when opening the file in Dreamweaver:


      A script file C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver  CS4\Configuration\Shared\Spry\Design Time\EditingUtils.js has been  running for a long time. Do you want to continue? Yes or No


      At first I thought it was because I had too many panels on the page, but after doing a test with more than 75 panels on a blank page and not being able to replicate the issue, I gave up on that! The page itself when viewed in a browser flashes some of the panels open momentarily on load. Only happens on this page, the definitions page is fine. It wouldn't be a huge issue except that when I try to link to a specific anchor on that page, it takes you to the wrong spot on the page due to the panels flashing open on the load.


      I have run the page through every script error console I can find, and there seems to be no issues, does anyone have a clue????


      ADOBE please help me! UGH!!!!!!!!!!