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    Export only 1 frame


      Pardon my most likely newbie mistakes.

      I imported a FLV file I created in After Effects into Flash CS4, using the wizard. I choose the correct file path and no skin.

      Then using the FLV playback components I made a custom play/pause button.

      When I test the movie it works beautifully.

      Not when I export (I have tried quicktime movie and SWF). I think I only get one frame (the first frame is empty, so not 100% sure).

      I have never worked with Flash, is there something I need to do in the timeline, like setting an in and out point or something?


      Any help is appreciated


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          upload your swf and embedding html to a server and post the url.

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            denniesmit81 Level 1

            This is the site: www.daniellesmit.com/home.html


            In the big white empty space with the word play in the corner is my swf object.

            I checked, the flv and swf files and the scripts dreamweaver generates are definitely uploaded to the server.

            The word 'play' is my custom button, but it should say pause until you click it. Obviously it should also play the video..

            It seems like it plays the first frame of the movie (which is white) when you reload the page.


            Also I put the html Flash created on a page for you to read, not sure if that is what you meant?

            That is here:




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              denniesmit81 Level 1

              I followed the advise in an article and I moved the flv and swf file into the root directory of my site (they were inside a folder before)

              I updated all the links and it now plays the video! but...


              Before I exported the video from After Effects through XFL to Flash, inside Flash exported in to a SWF, inside dreamweaver inserted the SWF on the page. The file was large (5MB) but played fine in a web browser.


              I got a few complaints from people with slower connections, so I wanted to add a pause/play button.


              So this time I exported from After Effects only half of the slideshow as an FLV. Then in flash I made the button. Now inside a web browser the file plays very slowly and constantly stops (which changes the button to 'play'). The browser is constantly loading the FLV file, which is now 7MB!

              It is only a slideshow of 6 pictures. I made them all 900px x 600px (my page size is 980) before adding them to AE.


              I would love to have this button functionality, but it still is just a banner/slideshow on my webpage, I dont need a full FLV player skin.

              Any reccomendations for me on how to display this file and also have pause functionality?


              the site is: www.daniellesmit.com/home


              Thank you




              Shall I start a new post, it is kind of not relevant to the title anymore?

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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                click file/publish settings/flash and tick "permit debugging".  retest your pause button.


                the error message will contain the line number of the erroneous code.  copy and paste that line here.

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                  denniesmit81 Level 1

                  I started completely over, thinking I might have made a mistake somewhere. Unfortunately I took a step backwards..

                  I am now where I was in the first place, a blank square with only the button in its play-disabled state.


                  I did check the box permit debugging, but I did not get any error message?


                  The page is at a different address now if you would like to have a look: www.bigmountainadventures.com/home. Maybe this error message is buried in the code somewhere?


                  I again put the files at the root level of the site. I double checked the link path in Flash (in the FLV playback component) and in Dreamweaver in the SWF properties.


                  When you view the page in safari, inside window-activity, it shows an error message that it cannot find the FLV file.

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                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    slideshow2.flv is not in your server's root.

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                      denniesmit81 Level 1

                      Oh my goodness, can I hug you?


                      I had 'put' the file before and it was definitely in my root folder, but for some reason it didnt see it, or didnt actually put it there?

                      I just 'put' the entire site- which I never do otherwise- and it is working!!!!

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                        kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        eHugs are allowed.


                        (and, you're welcome.)