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    XDCAM HD422 support in CS5?


      I have some XDCAM HD422 footage I would like to edit in AE. I am currently on CS4 which doesn't import this format. I see that PP CS5 does, but what about AE CS5?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          from "Supported import formats":

          "XDCAM HD and XDCAM EX

          Note: After Effects  can import Sony XDCAM HD assets if they were recorded to MXF files. After Effects cannot import XDCAM HD assets in IMX format."

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            Alex Suppe

            I have some HD422 1080 25p material here (mxf files, professional disc) and it can be imported into both After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5. However CS5 does not recognize the folder structure of Sony's professional discs and you have to open every single folder manually. Also you have to import audio and video seperately (they're not linked automatically). Timecode is not yet supported, either. It just doesn't work as smooth as with XDCam EX material, yet. I'm really hoping for an update!

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              Hi teetime17,


              were you able to work with HD422 50/1080/25p (or 30p) footage in cs5? With this I do not only mean whether you were finally able to import the files. What I mean is whether it was practical to work with HD422 footage in cs5 (without downframing or other reduction in quality). Sorry to reopen this threat after so many years, but I need to work with HD422 50/1080/30p footage and I am trying to build a workstation on a tight budget.