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    CS5 prob playback in prem doesn´t work really also Mercury (i think)


      Hi there,


      i have a problem to use Prem CS5. I downloaded the demo and installed it. Following happens.


      - at first the timeline playback is running. Some seconds later the program window freezes.

      - or, when i´m changing to e.g. 1/2 res at playback the picture in the programm window freezes also, sometimes win restarts the driver.

      (- i also missing the mercury performance)


      It´s Canon T1i (500D) 720p30 footage in a DSLR project.


      DELL WS

      WIN7 64bit (all updates)

      12GB RAM

      Intel XEON 5550

      quadroFX3800 1GB

      nvidia 197.59 performance driver


      Has anybody else this problem?