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    PPro CS5: MPEG-2 Export causes asynchronous A/V

    pvpcom20 Level 1

      Hi all,


      i think i just found a bug in PPro CS5. I've tested it on two PCs. Exporting an MPEG-2 through PPro CS5-Export or Media Encoder CS5 causes asynchronous Audio/Video - exactly 3 Frames the Video is before the Audio. I tested it with all MPEG-2-Export-Options, all kinds of Source-Material and all Export-Formats. The problem appears only with MPEG-2.


      Maybe there's a problem with the MainConcept MPEG Exporter built in PPro CS5. The same procedures with PPro CS4 and Media Encoder CS4 work fine. There's one interesting exception. Changing the Audio-Settings in MPEG-2 Audio-Export-Configuration from MPEG to Dolby Digital, exports a video with asynchronous A/V of app. 0,5 Frames.


      So i think it's a bug in the new built-in PPro MPEG-2 Exporter (MainConcept,CS5, 64 -Bit), focusing on the Audio-Export-Feature of an MPEG-Stream.


      Anyone can reproduce this bug?

      Where can i report such a bug to Adobe?