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    [JS CS3] Conflict between palettes and panels

    Tom Tomasko Level 1



      I am having a conflict between panels and palettes. Hopefully I can get some direction without having to copy the code here, because it is very long.


      I have a window of the palette type. This palette has buttons and radio buttons. The buttons call up various functions.


      The radio buttons, however, make visible/invisible a series of panels in the palette. The panels are stacked upon each other, only one of which is visible at any one time, depending upon which radio button is selected.


      One of the buttons in the palette calls up another palette (which also has a series of buttons for various functions). Let's call it the little palette. The problem is, that after the little palette is called up, the radio buttons in the big palette no longer work. I can select them but they will not make visible/invisible any of the stacked panels. The buttons in the visible panel work as well as all the other buttons that are always visible. The only thing that does not work are the radio buttons.


      My only workaround is to just dismiss the palette and call it up again. But I'd rather fix this bug.


      Any ideas? If I need to I can strip down the coding leaving only the essentials, but rather not take the time if this is a problem others have run into and hopefully have a solution for.